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VOC:COMP Fantasies / Za /< > zA

[work in progress]


‘Za < /< > zA’ is a platform for a live performance that explores the complexity of the encounter between human voice and technology. Fascinated by changes or loss of a voice’s identity, it allows improvisation by both the vocalist and the machine, to create a ‘trans-formative’ real-time composed performance.


‘Za < /< > zA’, named after the Hebrew word ‘zaza’ which means - “in-movement” (referring to a female), is also an experiment with words, and through this encounter, a new language can be created. Using my own voice as a singular “material” I aspire to create places and atmospheres and to expand the limits of text composition structures using a wide range of vocal timbres and expressions.


This performance also titled "VOC:COMP Fantasies" was premiered at Tmuna Theatre (IL) in August 2018 and since then occurred in different occasions, including the NOIZEMASCHINE#22 London and a future performance at OHHH London improvisation festival.


Excerpts were performed at NOIZEMASCHINE#22 London UK, and at Tmuna Theatre and Levontin7 Tel-Aviv IL.

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