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YIFEAT ZIV is a vocalist, composer, free improviser and sound artist. She combines voice, electronics, field recordings, objects and text to create sound works derived from her research on the human voice, technology, acoustic ecology and listening practices. Her vocal and listening practices are focused on environmental phenomena, more-than-human entities and the materiality and embodiment of sound. 


[] 2018-2019 University of the Arts, London (MA Sound Arts)

[] 2010-2014 The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (BMus in Cross-disciplinary Composition)


[] "The Sad Locust Hunters: In Israel, even the birds know what a siren sounds like" show review by Gal Houbara Bergman, Portfolio (Hebrew)

[] "Vocal Manipulation Adventurer" interview by Mat Smith, Electronic Sound Magazine (English)

[] "Yifeat Ziv: The sound activates, moreover because it is ungraspable", interview by Joy Bernard, Portfolio Magazine(Hebrew)

[] "Amazonian Traces of Self" album review by Mat Smith, Further (English)

[] "Amazonian Traces of Self" show review by Avi Pitchon, Haaretz (Hebrew)

[] "The Next Best Thing: "Netaly Aylon & Yifeat Ziv at Faint Vibration of the Petals" interview by Jonathan H. Mishal, Banditka (Hebrew)

[] "Material intelligence: An Exploratory Study in Kiryat HaMelacha" interview by Yuval Saar, Portfolio Magazine

[] "Amazonian Traces of Self" album review by Lawrence English, V/A Magazine (English)

[] Recipient of The Oram Award 2020, PRS Foundation

[] Nominated for the Phunorgia Nova Award 2023



Instagram: @yifeatz

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