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Room Tone (Presence) טון חדר (נוכחות)

Art Space Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL)

Series of four sound works (headphone installation) + sound performance


A series of four "sound portraits", created following a series of meetings with four craftsmen, during which we talked and listened to the materials, the machines, the manual operations and the rhythm of the factory. The four miniatures aspire to portray the essence of the craftsman and their working space through sound. Along with the sounds of the work environment, each portrait also incorporates the voice of the craftsman's speech, mainly vocal sounds that appear between the words - breathing, laughter, consonants. This is out of a desire to convey the core of a person's sonorous presence alongside the possibility of listening to sound as material

Presented as part of Material Intelligence group exhibition curated by Shira Shoval & Yair Barak.

Project in collaboration with TA Tarbut KM, supported by the Rabinovitz Foundation for the Arts and the Tel Aviv Municipality Art Department. 

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