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6.6.24 Opening of the Sonic Garden interactive installation by artists Yaal Tevet, Roy Roth & Inbal Gil featuring Ziv's original sound piece

Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator: Michal Broshi)


19.6.24 Sound performance at FeelBeit, Jerusalem

24.6.24 To a Seashore - Moondog tribute concert w/Yoni Silver, Adam Sheflan & Erez Meyuhas, Teiva Music Hall, Tel Aviv 

more info

3.7.24 w/Musica Nova Ensemble at Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Tel Aviv

more info

11.7.24 Sound performance at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

more info

18.7.24 Sound performance at the Eyal Ofer Pavilion, Tel Aviv

more info




2.5.24 Sound performance at House of Solidarity, Romano House, Tel Aviv more info

4&6.4.24 - Ways of Listening w/Musica Nova, CCA Tel-Aviv (IL)

27.3.24 - Sound Performance at Liebling House, Tel-Aviv (IL) more info

23.3.24 - Sound Performance at Material Intelligence exhibition (curators: Yair Barak & Shira Shoval), Art Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL) more info

20.3.24 - Sound Performance at Rumours exhibition, Centre for Digital Art, Holon (IL) more info

16.3.24 - Musica Nova X Musrara concert, CCA Tel-Aviv (IL) more info

28.2.24 - Artist talk at Homegrown exhibition, Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem (IL)

9.3.24 - Gallery show #2 at Faint Vibration of the Petals show: Amir Bolzman & Ariel Armoni, Ahad Ha'Am 9 Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)

22.2.24 - Opening event of Material Intelligence group exhibition (curators: Yair Barak & Shira Shoval), Art Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv (IL)

17.2.24 - Artist talk at Faint Vibration of the Petals exhibition, Ehad Ha'am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL)

1.2.24 - Duo performance w/ Orr Sinay (double-bass), Faint Vibration of the Petals exhibition event series, Ahad Ha'am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL)

29-30.12.23 - Ways of Listening w/ Musica Nova Ensemble, CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)

October 2023 -January 2024 - A Trip to the Amazon - sound piece for kids and their parents, Salon-na by Zumu more info

11.1.24 - Faint Vibration of the Petals duoShow with Netaly Aylon (Curator: Yair Barak) - opening event, Ahad Ha'am 9 Gallery, Tel-Aviv


27.10.23 Artist talk at Homegrown exhibition

12.10.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL)

13.10.23 Sound Morphologies w/ Musica Nova Ensemble​, Jaffa​

18.9.23 Sensing a Place Through Sound - workshop for Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design summer course led by Ariel Caine & Gustavo Sagorsky, Aminadav, Jerusalem Hills (IL)

12.9.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

24.8.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

1.8.23 Homegrown exhibition opening event + solo sound performance​, Ticho House (Israel Museum), Jerusalem (IL)  more info

3.8.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

20.7.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

15.7.23 Sound performance at dawn, Sprawl Festival, Golan (IL)

29.6.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

29.6.23 Sound performance at "Spiral, Helical, Cylindrical", White Night Festival, Liebling House, Tel-Aviv (IL)

8.6.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

17.5.23 Ways of Listening - workshop w/ Musica Nova, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem (IL)

11.5.23 Sound performance as part of Ficus Kinori series in collaboration with sculptor Zohar Gotesman TA Tarbut, Tel-Aviv (IL)

4.5.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

1.5.23 Artist talk alongside Maayan Tsadka as part of Nofim Mitkansim series Curated by Itzik Avizohar, Mehoga, Tel-Aviv (IL)

29.4.23 Currents w/ Musica Nova Ensemble, Piramida, Tel-Aviv (IL)

27.4.23 Currents w/ Musica Nova Ensemble, CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)

29.3.23 Sound performance for Clearing show closing event, Hacubia Gallery, Jerusalem (IL) 

23.3.23 Singing of the Forest sound walk opening event, Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL) 

23-24.2.23 Ways of Listening​ w/ Musica Nova Ensemble, CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)

18.2.23 Sound performance for Anna Perach's "Mistress of the Desert" show, Almasén Gallery, Jaffa (IL) 

9.2-30.3.23 Clearing - group show opening, Hacubia Gallery, Jerusalem (IL) 


20.12.22 Acoustic Spaces - performance as part of The Sad Locust Hunters show, Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) 

6.12.22 INSIDEOUT mix of unreleased music for RadioArt106, Broadcasted on Osma radio / Reboot FM 

17.11.22 Artist talk for Musrara school's new music department as part of The Sad Locust Hunters show, Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) 

4.11-23.12.22 The Sad Locust Hunters - solo show, Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) more info

29.10.22 Coals - performative sound installation (in collaboration with Noa Elran), Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon (IL)

27.10.22 Solo performance , ZIKUK Festival, Mazkeka, Jerusalem (IL)

13.9.22 w/Musica Nova Ensemble &  TJ Borden, CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)

31.8-3.9.22 ALOT - solo performance, Intimadance Festival, Tel-Aviv (IL)

15-18.8.22 A Trip to the Amazon - sound installation for kids (and their parents), Train Theatre Festival, Jerusalem (IL)

20/27.7.22 Amazonian Traces of Self - headphones installation, Tzomet Lev, Jerusalem (IL)

13.7.22 Solo performance, Suzan Dallal, Tel-Aviv (IL)

11.7.22 Solo performance, Sedek, Jerusalem (IL)

5.7.22 w/Musica Nova Ensemble, Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Anet Studio, Tel-Aviv (IL)

9-11.6.22 I (AM) HEAR (HERE WITH) YOU - sound installation, Noise Agency residency space, Tel-Aviv (IL)

30.4.22 Solo performance as part of Dawn Chorus Day event, Noise Agency residency space, Tel-Aviv (IL)

29.1.22 Fleeting & Ephemeral - new piece for Musica Nova Ensemble, HaTeiva, Tel-Aviv (IL)

11.21-3.22 Amazonian Traces of Self - sound installation, CT::SWaM, Wrong Biennial (DE, online)



4-6.11.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Aesthetica Festival, York (UK) [E] 

22.6.21 Traces of Self (music for dance), PAC Museum, Milan (IT) [P] 

29.4.21 w/ concert series, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

16.4.21 BBC 3 Late Junction w/ Suhail Yusuf Khan (UK) [P] 

22.3.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Winter Noise JLM (IL) [E] 

24.2.21 AER Conversations Series, online (UK) [T] 

15.2.21 Improfest, online (BR) [P] 

10.12.20 -4.4.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Room25 TLV (IL) [E] 

14.10.20-11.1.21 AUDIOSPHERE, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (ES) [E] 



17.12.20 Oram Award Winners Live-stream, online (UK) [P] 

17.11.20 Amazonian Traces of Self (album), Flaming Pines [R] 

3.10.20 Ten Acres of Sound Festival, online (UK) [P] 

17.9.20 Israel Festival, online (IL) [P] 

11.9.20 When I first came here (track), on Apparition Paintings by David Toop, Room40 [R] 

7.9.20 Israel Festival, Jerusalem/online (IL) [P] 

8.7-25.9.20 Ashurst Prize Online Exhibition (UK) [E] 

21.6.20 OsCiLlaTioNs, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

14.6.20 Eavesdropping @ Aldeburgh Festival, Suffolk (UK) [P] 

26.5.20 w/Human Signs by composer Yuval Avital, online (IT) [P] 

14.5.20 Musrara Naggar School of Art, Jerusalem (IL) [T] 

4.5.20 Medea Electronic Nights Festival, online (GR) [P] 

7.5.20 w/Durrant, Marzan & Vishnick, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

29.5.20 IOVE (track), on Unseen, Untold, Forgotten by Arigto, Division [R] 

23.5.20 Earshots Launch Concert, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

25.4.20 Eavesdropping Symposium, online (UK) [T] 

20.4.20 IKLECTIK Art-Resistance, online (UK) [P] 

17.4.20 Bergen University, Bergen (NO) [T] 

19.3.20 Royal Institution, London (UK) [P]  

17.3.20 w/David Toop&Lucie Štěpánková, Cafe OTO, London [P]  

15.3.20 CONSTRUCTIONS #4, TACO, London (UK) [P]  

9.3.20 Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK) [T] 

25.2.20 w/ M.C Reber, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P]  

22.1.20 w/David Toop & Unknown Devices, LCC, London (UK) [P] 

17.1.20 The Field is Not a Field, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P]  

15.1.20 Jerusalem Academy of Music, Jerusalem (IL) [T] 

10.1.20 Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv (IL) [P]  


26.12.19 Haifa University, Haifa (IL) [T] 

4-7.12.19 Heightened States of Awareness, LCC, London [E] 

28.10.19 UCA University for the Creative Arts, Farnham (UK) [T] 

20.10.19 w/Emmanuelle Waeckerle, HYG, London (UK) [P]  

14.9.19 Mazkeka, Jerusalem (IL) [P] 

1.9.19 w/David Toop & Lucie Štěpánková, HYG, London [P] 

28.8.19 Other Creatures, entities & Faint Beings, Cafe OTO, London [P]  

22.7.19 w/ZIV/Chen/Edwards/Johnson, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

1.7.19 w/Adam Kinsey & Sam Enthoven, ARCH1, London (UK) [P] 

29.6.19 Sound Without Boundaries, AudibleOKR, London (UK) [P] 

28.6.19 Sounding The Archive, Wellcome Collection, London [P+T] 

19.6.19 w/London Experimental Ensemble, IKLECTIK, London [P] 

9.6.19 w/Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

6-16.6.19 PQ: Prague QuadrennialPrague (CZ) [E] 

6-16.6.19 Change, Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK) [E] 

23.5.19 w/Igor Kruogolov Toy Orchestra, Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv [P] 

22.5.19 'Kalimba' Book Launch, SLG, London (UK) [P] 

6.5.19 w/David Toop&Unknown Devices, Cafe OTO, London [P] 

28.4.19 w/Chen, Edwards&Johnson, Gallery46, London (UK) [P] 

11.4.19 w/ Stefan Thut, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

24.3.19 Babble&Squeak‎, Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK) [P] 

28.2.19 Getting Lost, Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon (IL) [E] 

31.1.19 w/London Experimental Ensemble, IKLECTIK, London [P] 

22.1.19 NOIZEMASCHINE #22‎, Amersham Arms, London (UK) [P]

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