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Sunrise performance 

Sprawl Festival

Golan (IL)


Singing of the Forest sound walk

in collaboration with Alit Kreiz &  Hillie Wurtman

Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL)


Ways of Listening - workshop w/ Musica Nova

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem (IL)



Sound performance as part of Ficus Kinori series 

in collaboration with sculptor Zohar Gotesman

TA Tarbut, Tel-Aviv (IL)



Singing of the Forest sound walk
in collaboration with Alit Kreiz &  Hillie Wurtman

Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL)


Artist talk alongside Maayan Tsadka as part of Nofim Mitkansim series

Curated by Itzik Avizohar

Mehoga, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Currents w/ Musica Nova Ensemble

Piramida, Tel-Aviv (IL)



Currents w/ Musica Nova Ensemble

CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Sound performance for Clearing show closing event

Hacubia Gallery, Jerusalem (IL) 


Singing of the Forest - opening event

Original Sound Walk, created in collaboration with Alit Kreiz &  Hillie Wurtman

Hulda Forest, Hulda (IL)


Ways of Listening w/ Musica Nova Ensemble

CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Sound performance for Anna Perach's "Mistress of the Desert" show

Almasén Gallery, Jaffa (IL) 


Clearing - group show

Hacubia Gallery, Jerusalem (IL) 



Acoustic Spaces - performance as part of The Sad Locust Hunters show

Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) 


INSIDEOUT mix of unreleased music for RadioArt106

Broadcasted on Osma radio / Reboot FM 


Artist talk for Musrara school's new music department

as part of The Sad Locust Hunters show

Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) 


The Sad Locust Hunters - solo show

Hansen House, Jerusalem (IL) 

more info


Coals - performative sound installation (in collaboration with Noa Elran)

Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon (IL)


Solo performance 

ZIKUK Festival, Mazkeka, Jerusalem (IL)


w/Musica Nova Ensemble &  TJ Borden

CCA, Tel-Aviv (IL)


ALOT - solo performance

Intimadance Festival, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Amazon Jump - sound installation for kids (and their parents)

Train Theatre Festival, Jerusalem (IL)


Amazonian Traces of Self - headphones installation

Tzomet Lev, Jerusalem (IL)


Solo performance

Suzan Dallal, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Solo performance

Sedek, Jerusalem (IL)


w/Musica Nova Ensemble

Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Anet Studio, Tel-Aviv (IL)


I (AM) HEAR (HERE WITH) YOU - sound installation

Noise Agency residency space, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Solo performance as part of Dawn Chorus Day event

Noise Agency residency space, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Fleeting & Ephemeral - new piece for Musica Nova Ensemble

HaTeiva, Tel-Aviv (IL)


Amazonian Traces of Self - sound installation

CT::SWaM, Wrong Biennial (DE, online)



4-6.11.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Aesthetica Festival, York (UK) [E] 

22.6.21 Traces of Self (music for dance), PAC Museum, Milan (IT) [P] 

29.4.21 w/ concert series, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

16.4.21 BBC 3 Late Junction w/ Suhail Yusuf Khan (UK) [P] 

22.3.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Winter Noise JLM (IL) [E] 

24.2.21 AER Conversations Series, online (UK) [T] 

15.2.21 Improfest, online (BR) [P] 

10.12.20 -4.4.21 Amazonian Traces of Self, Room25 TLV (IL) [E] 

14.10.20-11.1.21 AUDIOSPHERE, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (ES) [E] 


17.12.20 Oram Award Winners Live-stream, online (UK) [P] 

17.11.20 Amazonian Traces of Self (album), Flaming Pines [R] 

3.10.20 Ten Acres of Sound Festival, online (UK) [P] 

17.9.20 Israel Festival, online (IL) [P] 

11.9.20 When I first came here (track), on Apparition Paintings by David Toop, Room40 [R] 

7.9.20 Israel Festival, Jerusalem/online (IL) [P] 

8.7-25.9.20 Ashurst Prize Online Exhibition (UK) [E] 

21.6.20 OsCiLlaTioNs, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

14.6.20 Eavesdropping @ Aldeburgh Festival, Suffolk (UK) [P] 

26.5.20 w/Human Signs by composer Yuval Avital, online (IT) [P] 

14.5.20 Musrara Naggar School of Art, Jerusalem (IL) [T] 

4.5.20 Medea Electronic Nights Festival, online (GR) [P] 

7.5.20 w/Durrant, Marzan & Vishnick, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

29.5.20 IOVE (track), on Unseen, Untold, Forgotten by Arigto, Division [R] 

23.5.20 Earshots Launch Concert, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

25.4.20 Eavesdropping Symposiumonline (UK) [T] 

20.4.20 IKLECTIK Art-Resistance, online (UK) [P] 

17.4.20 Bergen University, Bergen (NO) [T] 

19.3.20 Royal Institution, London (UK) [P]  

17.3.20 w/David Toop&Lucie Štěpánková, Cafe OTO, London [P]  

15.3.20 CONSTRUCTIONS #4, TACO, London (UK) [P]  

9.3.20 Anglia Ruskin UniversityCambridge (UK) [T] 

25.2.20 w/ M.C Reber, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P]  

22.1.20 w/David Toop & Unknown Devices, LCC, London (UK) [P] 

17.1.20 The Field is Not a Field, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P]  

15.1.20 Jerusalem Academy of MusicJerusalem (IL) [T] 

10.1.20 Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv (IL) [P]  


26.12.19 Haifa UniversityHaifa (IL) [T] 

4-7.12.19 Heightened States of Awareness, LCC, London [E] 

28.10.19 UCA University for the Creative ArtsFarnham (UK) [T] 

20.10.19 w/Emmanuelle Waeckerle, HYG, London (UK) [P]  

14.9.19 Mazkeka, Jerusalem (IL) [P] 

1.9.19 w/David Toop & Lucie Štěpánková, HYG, London [P] 

28.8.19 Other Creatures... &Faint Beings, Cafe OTO, London [P]  

22.7.19 w/Chen, Edwards&Johnson, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

1.7.19 w/Adam Kinsey & Sam Enthoven, ARCH1, London (UK) [P] 

29.6.19 Sound Without Boundaries, AudibleOKR, London (UK) [P] 

28.6.19 Sounding The Archive, Wellcome Collection, London [P+T] 

19.6.19 w/London Exp. Ensemble, IKLECTIK, London [P] 

9.6.19 w/Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson, HYG, London (UK) [P] 

6-16.6.19 PQ: Prague QuadrennialPrague (CZ) [E] 

6-16.6.19 Change, Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK) [E] 

23.5.19 w/Igor Kruogolov Toy Orchestra, Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv [P] 

22.5.19 'Kalimba' Book Launch, SLG, London (UK) [P] 

6.5.19 w/David Toop&Unknown Devices, Cafe OTO, London [P] 

28.4.19 w/Chen, Edwards&Johnson, Gallery46, London (UK) [P] 

11.4.19 w/ Stefan Thut, IKLECTIK, London (UK) [P] 

24.3.19 Babble&Squeak‎, Hundred Years Gallery, London (UK) [P] 

28.2.19 Getting Lost, Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon (IL) [E] 

31.1.19 w/London Exp. Ensemble, IKLECTIK, London [P] 

22.1.19 NOIZEMASCHINE #22‎, Amersham Arms, London (UK) [P] 

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