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12-channel sound installation, a video

Noise Agency Residency, Tel-Aviv, IL


Listening to the world together with another little person who's meeting the world for the first time. Is there a "mother" mode of listening, and how does it feel in the body at different moments (listening to laughter, crying, screaming, breathing, listening while feeling anxious, listening out of worry...)? What can be taken from these listening experiences into our possibility to listen and live alongside other beings in the world, human as well as non-human?


The installation was created at the end of a 6-week residency at "Noise Agency", Tel Aviv. The sound is comprised of recordings that were made during the residency period - of the artist and her son during intuitive listening and voice activities, as well as a reverberation action made with a recording of crying, inspired by Alvin Lucier's piece "I am sitting in a room".

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