The Echo of Our Breath

4-channel sound installation with CO2 sensor, video

LCC, London UK


Visuality is limited in the dense Brazilian Amazon rainforest and the sense of hearing becomes essential in the way we perceive this place. The trees and the forest ground create a natural reverberation that echoes our voice, bouncing around the spatio-temporal locale of our presence, reflecting traces of our own making and, finally, disappearing into the overwhelming soundscape of the abundant Amazonian ecosystem. Invisible soundwaves travel through the thick Amazonian air: the air of the world’s largest terrestrial carbon sink that has a significant role in pulling carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere; the air of a forest that is currently being burnt as a result of massive deforestation actions.


The Echo of Our Breath proposes a timespace where fragmentary sonic recollection of the Amazon rainforest and flickering echoes of a human voice lingers and unfolds an embodied experience of a place. Constantly affected by the changing amount of CO2 in the installation space as a result of peoples’ breathing, The Echo of Our Breath lets us hear the unseen impact of our own presence and invites us to think about the air that we breathe and the way it is affected by anthropogenic processes.


The work was created based on my experience in the Labverde artist residency at the Adolpho Duke Forest Reserve, Amazon, Brazil, during August 2019. Supported by the Art for the Environment (AER) programme. 

© 2020 by Yifeat Ziv. Cover Photo by MUPERPHOTO.