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A Trip to the Amazon הקפיצה אל האמזונס

2-channel sound installation for kids (and their parents)

Train Theatre International Festival, Jerusalem, IL


Elements design by Yoav Ronat
Artistic direction by Dafna Kron & Shahar Marom

Elements built by Yoav Ronat, Dani Ronat & Ori Golbert  

Pictures by Dor Kedmi & Yoav Ronat

A listening journey in repose. Jump into the mesmerizing soundscapes of the Amazon rainforest. Spectacular choruses of exotic birds, roars of howler monkeys and ear-tickling hums of cicadas - are just some of what you will hear there. You can also affect the future of the Amazon rainforest by helping more rain to fall - all you need to do is to lie on your back, close your eyes, open your ears as wide as you can and...sing a special rain song!

Premiered at Train Theatre International Festival and later presented at the Zumu Museum and Feel Beit, Jerusalem, IL.

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