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Faint Vibration of the Petals רטט בעלי הכותרת 

Duo Exhibition with artist Netaly Aylon + a series of live performances

Ehad Ha'am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv (IL) 


A sculpture and sound installation dedicated to a morphological and sound study of the Sea Daffodil flowers and the mutual relations between them and their pollinators. Field recordings of the flower's natural environment are played through their large-scale replications, turning them into amplifiers of acoustic phenomena unavailable to the human ear. The installation suggests a possible connection with nature through a musical-sculptural action.


Curated by Yair Barak.

Created as part of the residency program at Seminar Hakibutzim art department.

Supported by the Art Department of the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality and the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

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