ZERO SPACE // חלל אפסfor "Sensing Sound" installation

Original Sonic Piece

DMH Museum, Holon, Israel


(6 min.)


Zero Space is a 6 minutes original sonic piece by Yifeat Ziv, created especially for the "Sensing Sound" installation. An imaginary vocal representation of an in-womb experience. The womb - the first space every human being encounters, is experienced through the sense of hearing alone, which is the first sense to develop in the fetus. In the piece, this space is created by three feminine voices in a vocal harmony, as a direct expression of the warmth and intimacy of the body. A multi-layered auditory experience composed of multiple textures, surrounding the listener and summoning an inner convergence with echoes of the outside world. 

Zero Space is a non-space as much as it an existing one. A world in which time and space become one, a world that reminds us of the unspoken, forgotten nature of our early unity we had, when “inside” and “outside” were still blurred, and all we were was a patient process of becoming.


Sensing sound is a sound interactive installation by creators: Lila Chitayat and Anat Safran for the Sound Exhibition, DMH Museum, Holon June 2017. 

The site-specific installation connects sound, body and space. It works as an open platform inviting sound artist to participate.

10 speakers around the space, 10 speakers inside the acoustic hill, 6 subwoofers under the seats,16 channels sound system.


ZERO SPACE credits:

By: Yifeat Ziv

Performed by: The Hazelnuts

Sound Design: Gabriel Mandel

Co-Creators: Shira Z. Carmel & Anat Moshkovski

Text: Yael Gaulan


Click here for more information about "Sensing Sound" installation


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