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Sound Installation + Electro-acoustic Piece



In collaboration with ABRA Ensemble.

ENTITY is a 4-channel sound installation based on recordings made during ABRA’s 36-hour performative retreat last December in Tel Aviv IL. In this piece, we go into the vocal fabric composing ABRA’s practice: voices, textures and tempos are stretched and mutated to create a disembodied, new and combined ENTITY. The piece presents four perspectives for time sculpturing, dealing with the tension between the presence and the absence of the body in the space, creating a multidimensional sonic presence of a unified, bodiless vocal entity that surrounds the listeners from the four corners of the space.
HEY ENTITY is an electroacoustic piece for 4 speakers and 2 free-improviser vocalists, a live vocal interaction with a quadrophonic soundtrack, consisting excerpts from the installation. Performed by two ABRA members Faye Shapiro and Yifeat Ziv.
Composition and sound design: Yifeat Ziv
Concept and vocals: ABRA Ensemble

Presented at Hansen House gallery, Jerusalem IL, December 2018

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