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Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson Quartet

Vocalist. Free improviser.


Ziv/Chen/Edwards/Johnson quartet is a free-improvisation group exploring the possibilities of singularity and in-betweenness through voice, feedback systems, material tension and present moment awareness. Developed at the London College of Communication’s (UAL) Sound Arts department as part of a workshop run by Prof. David Toop in 2019, the group has already performed in some of London’s most renowned venues for experimental music, including Cafe OTO and Hundred Years Gallery.


Recently the quartet started a collaboration with artist Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, as part of her Synesthesia Series: an ongoing project (since 2015) that tries to capture the synesthetic moment of image and sound through performative writing, improvisation and illustration. In this live drawing session, performance will be seen as an experiment to externalize the process of inner sensory translation.

Full names of musicians: Yifeat Ziv, Kyrin Chen, Doran Edwards & Joe Johnson.

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