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4-channel sound&light performance 

Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel-Aviv (IL)



Performance for voice, electronics, field recordings and a lighting element.

Lingering in the vibrations of the intermediate space that exists in the dawn hour: between darkness and light, between sound and silence.
A bird's first morning-call
delineates the boundary between night and day; A ray of sunlight reveals the line between sea and sky; A sound created inside a woman's body swirls spreads in space and is embodied in a lighting element.

The dawn hour highlights hidden connections between sound, light, body and movement.


Light element by Noa Elran

Sound-light integration by Yosef Mashiach

Artistic direction by Stav Marin & Merav Dagan

Pictures & video by Ophir Ben Shimon & Chen Wagshall

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